Article: 新年快乐!: How Chinese Families Celebrate Chinese New Year

As the year of the goat is about to end and the year of the monkey is about to start, has a blog post about families traditions to celebrate this time of the year.
Spring Festival (Chunjie or 春节) kicks off the year of the Monkey, beginning with Chinese New Year on February 8, and ending 15 days later with Lantern Festival on February 22. As Christmas is very much about family for some westerners, so Chinese New Year is a time to gather together and share time with their families. With the Chinese diaspora as far-flung and extensive as it is, trains, planes, and automobiles will be packed with family members expressing their filial piety by returning to their hometowns. We look into the traditions of two Beijing families to find out more about the country’s most important holiday. […]

Enjoy the read about decorations, traditions and food.
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